15 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

15 air conditioner maintenance tips. If you are looking for what you can do as AC maintenance in the beginning of the season, look no further. In this video I go over 15 AC maintenance tips that you can do or check yourself to make sure your unit is ready to go for the summer. Here are the 15 tips presented in the video:

1. Uncover the condenser unit
2. Clean the condenser coil
3. Check for a mouse nest and look for damaged wires/connectors
4. Check the capacitor and have a spare one
5. Suction line insulation
6. Level the condenser unit
7. Test run your air conditioner early in the season
8. Kick start condenser fan for the season
9. How to check if AC is cooling enough (taking a temp drop)
10. Clear condensate drain line and fitting
11. Change air filter regularly
12. Check blower wheel and capacitor
13. Close humidifier damper
14. Keep vents and returns open and clear
15. Replace thermostat batteries
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