20 Reasons You’ll Never Be a Good HVAC Technician

I have seen so many techs who think they’re the best. But the reason why they don’t become a good HVAC technician is in the details. From continual training to cleaning up your work area to basic fundamentals and troubleshooting skills. Here are 20 reasons why you’ll never be a good HVAC technician

A good HVAC technician has to be skilled at several trades. HVAC is all-encompassing.

The 20 reasons are:
1. You don’t embrace continual training
2. You lack an inviting personality
3. You won’t read the instructions
4. You leave your work area dirty
5. You aren’t reliable
6. You can’t read a blueprint
7. Commissioning equipment after installs
8. You can’t run a duct right.
9. You lack patience
10. You borrow tools too much
11. You lack integrity
12. You won’t embrace change
13. You jump to conclusions
14. You talk too much
15. You don’t talk enough
16. You’re a parts changer
17. You lack a sense of alignment and uniformity
18. You write like a 5-year-old
19. You don’t like being told how to do something another way
20. Your service van looks dirty

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1:02 1 through 20 of the reasons
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