Air conditioning unit install, The Ultimate installation for the UK Home

Aircon install for Yorkies Bits and Bobs Home Tech main room plus bedroom
Yorkies got Aircon
00:00 Intro
00:40 clearing the bedroom ready for install
01:40 clearing the studio ready for install
02:10 The install
14:35 vacuum the system
17:00 The test
19:10 Up and running
25:35 My verdict
26:15 Credits
Installers Kent Air Solutions
The team
Names – Hayley Rayner Ricky Rayner & Dalton Ackland
Master Bedroom
Indoor Model ASYG09KMTA
Outdoor Model AOYG09KMTA

Extension/plus kitchen
Indoor Model ASYG14KMTA
Outdoor Model AOYG14KMTA
Is this the way forward for the UK?
The specs PDF

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