DIY Multi-Zone Ductless Mini Split AC & Heating System | MR Cool Install 2021

How to install the MR COOL DIY Multi Zone Ductless Mini Split unit. I took out the old Window Unit poking through my wall and replaced it with this efficient new system with 2 air handlers. Is it worth it???

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Materials and Supplies:
MR COOL Multi-Zone:
MR COOL Single Zone:
Stucco Anchors:
Service Switch:
Marble Chips:
Concrete Bags:

Some other videos that helped:
DIY Creators:
April Wilkerson:
Crafted Workshop:
Komar Project:

Maker Brand Simple Finish is back in stock!! If you’re interested in supporting or just checking it out, link is here:

This installation was surprisingly easy. I’ve seen quite a few tutorials showing how to install a mini split system like this and having those resources were really helpful to me.. .not to mention getting help from Josh and Jeremy. I would totally recommend a DIY mini-split installation rather than the cost of a traditional HVAC install… and check out the specs on these MR COOL parts I used.