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Hello. Steve here for Furnace USA, and I just wanted to quickly discuss what is a heating service plan, and why would you get one for your house? The main benefits are, you don’t have to pay the $5,000 or $6,000 up front for the furnace . Right? Save all that money. Don’t pay it out. You just pay your monthly fee, and what that fee basically is, there’s two parts to it.
Part of it is a service plan. And part of goes towards the payment. So, what you get out of that is, you never need to pay for any service calls again. If it ever breaks down, a whole bunch of times, we don’t want to be dealing with it, either. We’ll just come and rip it out and stick in a new furnace. It’s, essentially, the “We take care of everything for you plan,” and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.
So, yes, you can still get conventional purchases. Lots of people still do that. However, if you never want to worry about your heating system again, and you don’t want to spend the $5,000 up front, or you have a better place to invest it, or a better place to put that $5,000 to work, great.
Call us today, or just go through the online order process, and we will be at your house and install a new system, and you don’t pay any for it up front. So, thank you for you time. Again, Steve, here for Furnace USA.