How To Install Pioneer Mini-split 110V| Detailed Ductless Air Conditioner Install | Garage A/C

Detailed step-by-step DIY for installing Pioneer Minisplit A/C in my garage. If you want to skip to different phases of the install, use the chapter links below or in the timeline.
I got this 12,000 BTU (1-ton) unit from Home Depot (drop shipped to local store) during a sale for $700+tax. It is on the smaller end for an 850SF garage, but I only needed it near my bench/shop area and not intended to cool the whole garage all the time.
You can get them from various dealers and on Amazon too, who ever has the best price. These Pioneer brand units are distributed by Parker Davis, they appear to be rebranded Midea units who make many of the other branded minisplits. From research, it seems like these are better quality and components than Mr Cool. It does require more install steps like pressure tests and vacuum than Mr Cool instructions, but it probably last longer with quality fewer issues.

Pioneer Air Conditioner WYS012A-19 Wall Mount Ductless
Amazon Ship to Home:
Home Depot to Store:
Pioneer PD HVAC:

Southwire Liquid Tight Flexible Whip, 8AWG –
14’ Line Cover Kit – or Pioneer OE version –
Decorative PVC Line Cover Kit for Mini Split Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps
Rubber Vibration Mounts –
60-Amp Disconnect – or
Nylog Gasket/Thread Sealant –
Wire Extension by Ft:
Optional WiFi Adapter: or

R-410A Gauge Set-
75mm 3″ Diamond Hole Saw –
Smaller Hole Diamond Bits –
Basic Hammer Drill –
OEM Tools Vacuum Pump –
Tube Flaring Kit –
Soldering Iron:
Parker Davis Site –
Pioneer Site –
Other install videos I watched:

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0:00 Intro
0:55 Pickup Minisplit
2:45 Unboxing
4:55 Materials Supplies Needed
8:40 Electrical and New Outlets
13:30 Installing Wall Unit
19:45 Reflare Lineset and Install Covers
22:05 Condensate Drain Line Install
22:45 Refrigerant Line Install
26:15 Concrete Slab Pour
29:00 Install Outdoor Unit
30:35 Wiring Outdoor Unit
35:40 Extending Indoor Unit Wires
36:55 Vacuuming Refrigerant Lines
39:40 Release Refrigerant Check Leaks
42:00 Test Operation Record Pressure/Temps

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