HVAC Owner Reveals the Best AC System for your House – 2021

Three systems can be considered the best AC system for your home. As an experienced HVAC technician an now business owner, my team has installed and made repairs on every main brand of central air conditioning system on the market.

It’s funny, I see a ton of articles online about this who makes the best AC system topic – many that someone who’s not even in the HVAC industry wrote! Some compensated blog writer wrote it or gave you a list of the best top-rated systems. Systems they’ve never even touched. These bloggers are telling people that nationally recognized economy line systems are better than the systems that are truly going to last you a long time.


Short and sweet, three companies have the best reputation over several decades of manufacturing, in no particular order, they are:


There are definitely other AC system brands that make up the middle tier and lower tier AC system lines, and I put them in this video.


We sell Trane as our premium line and Coleman or Payne as our economy line. But my goal here is to try to stay as neutral as possible here so you don’t feel like I’m trying to sway you one way or the other. You’ll hear me talk about some brands being better than others, and I mean no offense to anyone or any manufacturer.

But you’ve got to take this sort of advice from someone who’s installed all of them at one point or another and serviced the equipment out in the field.


Before I list the rest of the systems,

I want to mention air conditioning systems come fully assembled at the factory and are ready to work. However, it takes experienced technicians to modify the unit per the manufacturer’s instructions to conform to your specific home’s demands. The last steps of installing it “in the field” and adding whatever additional parts to bring it up to proper building code in your area is up to the contractor you choose.

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00:00 Intro
0:38 The 3 best brands in no particular order
4:20 Middle of the road brand names
5:00 Entry-level brand names
6:40 Single-stage systems
7:45 2-stage systems
10:08 Variable speed systems
11:18 The most efficient AC system today in the unitary market
12:15 Conclusion