HVAC Service Department KPIs | 5 Minute Wins with Chris Hunter

What KPIs should you be focusing on in your HVAC service department?

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Chris is a man with many, many titles. After selling Hunter Super Techs, a company that he and his wife built from the ground up, Chris dedicated his time to helping other contractors grow their businesses. He co-founded Go Time Success Group and is also a member of our ServiceTitan family as our Director of Customer Relations.
5 Minute Wins is an ongoing series presented by ServiceTitan and hosted by our very own subject matter experts. Designed to give you quick, useful information on how to amp up any home services business, future topics you can expect to see covered are: HVAC KPIs, Service Tech KPIs, Average Ticket Explained, Leadership & Culture, and so much more. If you have suggestions for future episodes, let us know in the comments!