HydroKleen Air Conditioner Clean Demonstration

http://www.hydrokleenglobal.com How to clean an air conditioner using our unique HydroKleen system. Are you breathing healthy air? HydroKleen use environmentally friendly and Asthma Council approved cleaning agents. It’s not clean unless it’s HydroKleened. Please note: we do NOT recommend that ANYONE try to do this themselves. We use highly specialized equipment and all of our technicians are fully trained to ensure none of the electrics come into contact with water during the cleaning process. By all means, clean the filters yourself, but stay away from exposing your air conditioner, an electrical appliance, to water. Doing any form of work on appliances is always best left to the professionals. For information on how to purchase a licence to use HydroKleen in your country please visit our website www.hydrokleenglobal.com