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It’s now time for the cold season, and everyone can finally say goodbye to the hot summer months. But most people don’t stop to think if their heating needs will be fully covered through the winter months. For this reason, we are offering different solutions to address the heating and cooling needs of households in the Malaga area.

If you are looking for an expert furnace tune-up, or just a service to ensure that the season will be warm, even with a dependable heater, a heating service call is perfect!

Don’t wait up for the cold season to be in full force, schedule a preventive maintenance checkup 2-3 weeks back. This preventive action will ensure that your heating service will be at full performance at all times!

Looking for the leading air contractor in Malaga? Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating has been providing comfort since 1976, providing unparalleled services and solutions to households and businesses in the area. We ARE a trusted air conditioning company within Malaga and Fresno County. Whether you’re looking to stay cool and comfortable, in need of some kind of immediate repair, a scheduled AC checkup or tuneup, or a new unit installation and system upgrade altogether, we are one call away!

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