Nexgen Founder, Ismael Valdez, Started a Company to Right the Wrongs of the Contracting Industry

Ismael Valdez started Nexgen as a response to the immoral actions that were all too common in the HVAC industry.

Too many times he’s seen customers get charged way too much for a shoddy AC installation.

Too many times he’s seen HVAC technicians blatantly lie to their customers to make a few extra bucks.

Ismael started Nexgen with a focus on morals and values, not bottom lines.

When Ismael became a father, something in him changed. He always knew life was precious, but holding his firstborn daughter in his arms, it became real.

With this perspective on life, it’s easy to act wholeheartedly when offering a service.

His drive and his willingness to serve has inspired amazing people to join his ranks in the Nexgen family.

This is Ismael Valdez’s story.
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