Pass Your C-7 Low Voltage License Exam in 5 Steps! What You Must Know About the Exam in 2022!

The C-7 low voltage contractor license is for electrical contractors who specialize in electrical work under 91 Voltz. In California, anyone looking to charge over $500 for low voltage electrical services must have the C-7 License.

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Currently, the exam is broken down into 5 parts:

1. Job Planning and Design (19%)
• Interpret plans and specifications
• Plan wire routes and equipment locations
• Compliance with codes and industry
• Knowledge of impact on other trades
• Integration of new and existing infrastructure

2. Material Selection and Estimation (18%)
• Knowledge of materials and their
• Knowledge of tools and equipment and their
• Estimate project costs and prepare proposals

3. Wire/Cable Installation and Termination (11%)
• Layout, install, and support pathways
• Knowledge of tools and methods of
• Placement and termination of wires/cables
• Knowledge of labeling schemes for

4. Systems Configuration and Installation (15%)
• Install equipment room components
• Install satellite, CCTV, telephone, data,
instrumentation, battery systems, audio/
video, and fiber optic systems
• Install building automation
• IP networking and VoIP configuration

5. Testing and Project Closeout (12%)
• Tools and methods used to test
functioning of low voltage equipment
• Project closeout, documentation, and training

You will absolutely make sure that you meet the basic requirements to get a Contractors license in California. Learn all about the C-7 low voltage contractor license requirements here:

There are several areas of the test that you will want to make sure that you are tight on. Mathematics is critical. Make sure that you are confident in the following areas:

Basic Math
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
Fractions, Percentages, and Decimals
Dimensions, Wire Lengths, Calculating Loads
Watts to Kilowatts
Converting Percentages to Decimals
Ohm’s Law

The low voltage license is for electrical contractors that specialize in electrical projects under 91 Voltz. For electrical contractors that are looking to take on projects that involve electrical panels and larger-scale jobs you can get the C-10 Electrical Contractor License which you can learn about here:

Jobs you can do with a C-7 license:

Passing your C-7 low voltage contractor license exam in California will require that you have several key skills which include test-taking and strategies.

To be prepared for the exam there are several areas you will want to focus on:

Law & Business
California Health and Safety
Online Practice Testing
Construction Mathematics
Construction Law Terms

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