Replacing Evaporator HVAC Repair

I am replacing a leaking evaporator coil on an HVAC system. I found the AC evaporator coil leaking at the end of last summer. First I pump down the air conditioning unit. Second I disconnect the condensate drain and open the paneling of the unit up. Third I cut the copper refrigerant lines and pull out the coil. Finally I push the new coil back into place and seal up the pipes.
Once the Evap coil is in place and piped then I placed the AC unit into a pressure test. A pressure test verifies that there’s no leaks on the HVAC system. After the pressure test I evacuated the refrigeration circuit of the ac unit down to 400 microns. And evacuation/vacuum is performed to pull any contaminant and moisture is out of the AC system. Finally I charge up the AC system. Then test the air conditioning system.