Top 8 Reasons HVAC Techs HATE Me!

These are the top reasons HVAC techs hate me and why it’s good for you if you are their customer, the homeowner. I’m hoping their frustrations with me and my YouTube channel lead to me helping homeowners understand our trade better and avoid scams and tactics some are using in our trade which make us all look bad.

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0:00 Intro 8 Reasons HVAC Techs hate me
0:25 HVAC Secrets
1:48 Old School HVAC Thinking
3:42 My channel is for Homeowners in HVAC
5:32 Maybe affecting their income?
6:26 I’m right on homeowners should be informed
8:05 I’m exposing the scams and tactics
8:57 HVAC techs hate when homeowners know more than they do
10:04 is helping homeowners