What Happens on a AC Tune Up? (AC Tune Up Procedure)

As an owner of an HVAC company, people aren’t really sure what happens on an AC tune-up. I tell them an air conditioner tuneup from Fox Family Heating and Air is a thorough inspection of the cooling side of their HVAC system. I’m going to detail the ac tune up procedure so you’ll better understand why getting ac maintenance done every year will keep your system lasting many more years than if you did not do maintenance.

We want to help you keep your AC in tip-top shape. When you know what happens on an AC Tune-Up, you’ll feel better knowing Fox Family is the most trusted company in town. Another point I like to make with these is if you have a home inspection done on a new home you are buying, a true AC tune-up would be smart since your home inspector can’t really get into the details of your system like an HVAC tech can.

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1:20 The process
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5:44 Whats the benefits of an ac tune up