What is a Furnace Tune-Up and Why is it Important?

Did you know that a properly maintained furnace can reduce energy bills by as much as 15% a month? In this video we’re going to discuss the importance of having routine maintenance done on your furnace.

In this video we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions regarding tune-ups and maintenance on your furnace. Such as:

0:00 Intro
0:41 What is a furnace tune-up?
1:19 Why does my furnace need maintenance?
2:06 Who needs a furnace tune-up?
2:45 How much does a tune-up cost?
3:11 How do I schedule a tune-up for my furnace?
3:31​ What to do next?

We hope by now you have a better understanding of what typically goes into maintenance for your furnace. Visit our service page and select “schedule service” to schedule maintenance for your air conditioner in Columbus, Ohio.


Thank you for watching and we are looking forward to making your day better.

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