Why do you need Furnace Maintenance & what to expect during the visit?

We want to answer some commonly asked questions about furnace maintenance.
Why do you need Furnace Maintenance?
What should you expect during Furnace Maintenance visit?
Who is qualified to work on your heating equipment?
Just like maintaining your car, a regular professional inspection for your gas furnace is required to help ensure it runs efficiently so that it’s saving you money. No one wants to be dealing with a broken furnace during the coldest days of the winter, so your technician will pinpoint any concerns before they turn into a costly breakdown. And regular maintenance will also help extend the life of your heating equipment. But most important, a licensed technician can help ensure your equipment is operating safely.

So what can you expect from a Direct Energy furnace maintenance?
On the day of your furnace maintenance, your technician will call ahead to confirm his arrival time. He will arrive ready to perform a comprehensive inspection on any make or model of furnace – up to 22 checks in total.

We start with 8 diagnostic checks:
– Check and record carbon monoxide (CO) levels
– Check temperatures across air handler
– Check temperatures/air flow across condenser coil
– Check current draw on condenser motor & compressor
– Test operation of condensation system & evaporator coil
– Test unit by putting it through full operation cycle
– Check superheat and sub cooling readings
– Check operating pressures
If any of these checks indicate a concern, we will perform up to a 22-point check to help ensure that your equipment is operating safely and efficiently before we leave your home.

We hope you have found this maintenance overview helpful. And while we aren’t able to review every test we do as part of a furnace maintenance – we wanted to make you aware that it’s much more than what some view as an annual furnace cleaning – the series of diagnostic checks and tests completed by your licensed technician are completed to ensure your equipment is running efficiently to save you money, identify any equipment concerns so they don’t become a costly repair and most importantly that your equipment is running safety.

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